studentROI CMS

If you are looking for a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to manage your online content and includes a Lead Management System built in, then you have come to the right place.

The studentROI CMS allows you to assign administrative authority at the corporate level, as well as at the campus level.

Programs details are assigned to Area of Study (AOS), learning option, degree type, campus location silos and made available via an advanced Campus / Program Search

Scholarship, and event details also are assigned silos and made available via a Scholarship / Event Search

News, articles are available via a News / Article Search

The studentROI CMS also allows for students to self-manage their student work and have the work searchable via a Portfolio Search

All of your social network integrations, and videos are available via a Community section

Additional section such as About Us, Career Services, etc are all easily added, and fully customizable.

The studentROI CMS also comes with a fully integrated Lead Management System - our inquiryBank™ LMS allows you to receive and manage your inquiries all in one place. Our CallCLIC™ click-to-call technology is also included and allows you to receive, record and track all incoming calls. Read more

Search Engine Optimization of your site is handled via our on-page SEO tools.

The studentROI CMS is available for use on your school branded site, a school branded site we build for you, or a program lead generation site using our studentROI Services & Technology Group technology platform. Read more