Services & Technology Group

The studentROI Services & Technology Group affords K-12 private, and post-secondary schools access to EDU industry specific technology solutions that we began development of back in 2003, and have continued to develop and expand on ever since. From lead management systems, and content management systems, to self-managed student portfolio systems our SaaS platform tools are easily integrated into our post-secondary school client marketing platforms big and small..

If your project needs are not met via our SaaS options, we are happy to develop new technologies for you school as well - and where applicable, use our existing technology as a framework to get a head-start and save you time, and money.

Engaging our studentROI Services & Technology Group affords schools the advantage of working with a group that has gained their EDU field tested experience through the development of technologies for hundreds of post-secondary schools. This experience helps us provide an advisory element to each of our projects based on our knowledge of things that work really well, and others to avoid.

SaaS solutions:

Self- managed student portfolios - School Portfolio Connect™ -

Online portfolio application submission - PortfolioPASS™ -

Lead Management System (LMS) - InquiryBank™ -

Content Management System - StudentROI CMS -

Custom mobile and site development -

Online course delivery solutions – studentREV™ - please inquire

Monthly retainers beginning at 5 hours / week allow our clients to tailor their quarterly marketing budgets to their plan objectives. Single project development is also available.