If you are a K-12 private school, or post-secondary school in Canada, or the United States and you would like to complement your existing marketing services team with additional resources, guidance, and expertise then studentROI has multiple entry points for you.

The studentROI Agency Services option offers dedicated relationships to preferred post-secondary schools interested in a more partnered approach to program development.

This is a full AOR, or partial service offering whereby the schools call on studentROI EDU strategic marketing, application development, custom publishing, and consultancy services to complement existing services they have in place at the school, or vendor level. Read more

Our studentROI Services & Technology Group, and Consultancy expertise, are both available inside this partnered relationship.

Our studentROI Services & Technology Group offers access to our ongoing, proprietary development platform. These existing, and continually developing, technologies are available as pre-packaged solutions below or where applicable, the technologies used as the foundation for a cost efficient head-start in a custom solution developed for our clients.

Self- managed student portfolios - School Portfolio Connect™ -

Online portfolio application submission - PortfolioPASS™ -

Lead Management System (LMS) - InquiryBank™ -

Content Management System - StudentROI CMS -

Custom mobile and site development -

Online course delivery solutions - studentREV™ – please inquire

API, Widgets, Search, Site Tools, Scholarship Competitions, Contests, Forms, Tests, LMS posting. Read more

Our Consultancy group works with schools that want to adopt best in class student recruiting strategies, practices, and processes for their student enrolment departments – a comprehensive and detailed approach that begins at first contact through to program start. Read more