Marketing Consultancy

The studentROI Consultancy Group works not unlike an integration specialist, or a general contractor when building a house. Where the project calls for areas of specialization outside our wheelhouse, we call on trusted partners inside our Resource Community.

When projects do fall outside our scope of specialization we are the first to acknowledge it, and based on our volume of work inside the EDU industry we have gained a trusted network of stakeholders we can trust to deliver the results we as clients demand. If our Resource Community can’t fill the needs of the project, we work to discover new trusted partners to provide the areas of expertise needed to deliver the strategic plan developed by studentROI and our clients.

This community approach allows for our past successes to be enjoyed by future clients.

All of our Resource Community partners have a high level of job ownership – and work exclusively with studentROI inside the EDU vertical.

Student Recruitment & Enrolment Management

Student recruitment and enrolment management is the primary driver of your admissions team success.

StudentROI provides industry proven strategies, practices and processes developed in tandem with our Agency Services team and Management Services Consultancy Group

The studentROI Management Services Consultancy Group leans on over 100 years of senior level EDU admissions, and marketing experience - their primary focus is an improvement of your admissions department ROI via industry proven marketing, admissions, and enrollment direction, adjustments, and ongoing strategic guidance.

We work with schools that wish to review and determine if their current marketing, admissions, and enrollment practices are fully optimized to maximize inquiry, application, and start outcomes.

We review current marketing allocations, and based on industry past successes, and current learnings we provide guidance on media allocations, as well as strategic marketing consultation.
We work with schools that want to learn how to lift their student marketing ROI by increasing starts and reducing their cost per enrollment and cost per start via impactful enrollment processes.

We provide your marketing and admissions departments with an added advisory resource, to ensure their decision making is complemented by field tested, industry leading expertise.

Privacy Regulations, Compliance

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) in Canada and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the United States as well and additional privacy legislation in both countries has forced schools to change their contact habits.

Government, and Regulatory Board compliance related to school programs, degree types and language used to communicate the offerings has also forced schools to a new level of diligence of their advertised content.

Our consultants bring industry experience, and field tested solutions to both of these challenges.

School, Program Development

We have been approached many times to help develop new school concepts, new programs or help to launch new programs within an existing school. Development can be achieved via consultancy, or a partnered approach and tied to the success of the school, campus or program. Building and executing successful online and offline marketing plans for a new school concept or program is a new and growing area of our business.

New School Concepts

Our team members have experience developing and launching new schools from concept to full operation.  We can help prove in a concept and help navigate the regulatory requirements including securing financial aid through to program launches, marketing and admissions and program delivery. 

New Program Development

Our team has many years of experience in successfully developing and launching new programs from concept to labour market assessments through to launches and building marketing and execution plans that deliver results.

New Program Launches within an Existing School

Our team of school operations, sales and marketing veterans have successfully launched numerous new programs and have the experience to know how to build sales and marketing plans that deliver proven results.

Assurance and Advisory services

Each year you are required to prepare a corporate tax return which is accompanied by a set of financial statements. In some cases you will require an independent accounting firm to prepare a financial statement with a higher level of assurance such as a review engagement or even an audit. We can assist you with this reporting.
Our Assurance and Advisory professionals have been trained by the top firms in the world and have a breadth of experience in providing financial statement reporting, mergers and acquisition advice, tax planning, debt restructuring and financial assistance. Whether you need advice on acquisitions and establishing private equity and subordinated debt or you need someone to manage the entire sales process of your college or division we can facilitate:

Pre-sale Preparation
Identifying Prospective Buyers
Valuation and Pricing Assessment
Prepare the Confidential Information Memorandum
Due Diligence Management
Deal Structuring
Negotiate the Letter of Intent
Documentation and Closing

We work with school owners and executives to provide guidance on your capital requirements establishing private equity and subordinated debt and then develop an approach to financing that best suits your long term objectives

Chief Financial Officer Consultancy Services

There are only so many hours in the day to manage your business and increase your top line. Many organizations don't have the capacity to hire a full time Chief Financial Officer to assist with ongoing corporate governance, internal controls, financial statement preparation and management, budget preparation, finance assistance and other accounting related matters. We can provide this solution by dropping in a part-time Chief Financial Officer with years of experience in high paced and high growth environments. Just imagine the peace of mind you can achieve by having a professional to assist in these various areas while you focus on what you do best.