Case Studies

The Art Institutes
The Art Institutes ( part of Education Management Corp group of schools ( wanted a way to showcase their student/alumni work to employers and have these employers be able to register to engage with the students and their career services staff allowing them to lift their placement rates and eliminate the tedious and time consuming practice of showing student work on thumb drives, CD, etc.


We asked them ‘ a perfect world since we are building a self-managed portfolio tool what else would you like to be able to do with these portfolios once they are built?

Their answer was:

Have students be able to develop their portfolios and self-manage them so they didn’t have to.

Have the work be showcased on a career services site – one for each campus.

Have the campus administrator be able to accept/deny the changes before they go live.

Have employers be able to search across all of them by campus, area of study, post and manage their job postings, register for events, and ask students questions, etc

We asked them ‘...would you like us to also allow you to use the portfolios to provide content for your school site, or be used to generate leads and lift conversion rates?’

Their response ‘We never thought of that, but that would be fantastic if they could.’

We asked ‘...would you like to use the tool to accept online portfolios as part of the application process, or to accept online creative submissions as part of your scholarship contests?’

Their response ‘...and that is why we love you guys, you ask all the right questions.’


We needed to build a multi-layer site that allowed multiple department administrators and audiences to view the student /alumni self-managed portfolios and make this work searchable by school, campus, area of study.

We also needed to build an admin tool that allowed multiple department administrators and the students to access tools specific to their promotional and business objectives.


We built the back-end tool for the students to self-manage their portfolios, and for the departmental administrators to sign-in and control how they are served (

We then built, and served the portfolios to the following site inside models that would meet the school’s business objectives:


From the career services and admissions teams at the campuses, to the presidents, to the students and alumni everyone is thrilled by the execution and is enjoying:

• The easy to use self-managed portfolio tool and interest in their skills
• Lift in placement rates
• Increase in leads, and conversion
• Ease of administration of applications and competition entries
• Sticky, engaging, automatic site content