About Us

Since 2003, studentROI has worked with K-12 private, and post-secondary schools big and small, throughout North America, to deliver strategic marketing solutions and the technologies that power them.

Working in partnership with our educational clients allows us to develop effective strategies, and technologies that address the challenges that all schools face - we use this industry consultation and field tested approach as the foundation for all our business units.

As a strategic marketing partner we focus our services around plan development and execution via our Agency Services group. Our client schools look to us to provide an additional level of expertise and development for their marketing, admissions, and technology decision making and plan development.

Our Services & Technology Group is responsible for developing our SaaS, and custom client projects - as well as the advancement of our studentROI EDU Network platform.

The studentROI Consultancy Group provides a true consultancy approach to our client business challenges - whether they be marketing and enrolment, or mergers & acquisitions related. The studentROI Consultancy Group also calls on our Resource Community partners to deliver additional areas of specialization.

Flexibility is a key component to our client partnerships. Monthly retainers allow for a set amount of dedicated hours tailored to client objectives, and budgets. The studentROI EDU Network also tailors media packages via a yearly fee, or CPL. RFP for individual projects are also welcome.

We also work with High School guidance counsellors to develop, and integrate robust educational, and career interest tools as part of our Guidance Counsellor Toolbox.

Our Partnership Communities initiative allows us to offer our technologies to traditional media publishers - as well as employ Regional Publisher Group members to manage the publisher relationships.

Students use studentROI to self-manage their student work via School Portfolio Connect™. They visit our studentROI EDU Network sites to search for schools, programs, scholarships, events, student work, news and so much more.

Ongoing development of our EDU vertical strategy allows us to build on our successes and offer this knowledge back to our clients: K-12 private, and post-secondary schools; publishers; high schools; and potential students.

Our mandate is to treat each customer as our first, our only, and our last.